d. case studies


During my three years at 160OVER90 I worked on countless digital projects for a breadth of clients. First in my capacity as a senior designer, and for the last two years leading digital creative as an associate creative director. The following are a small collection of projects from that time. Varied in scale, and function, they offer a look at the final product 


Agency Site: After seven years of a flashed based site it was time to take 160over90.com into responsive html. The new site would be clean, minimal, intuitive. Putting our work and the stories behind it front and center. I was charged with visual design of that site, seeing it through development and well beyond launch. 


Agency Site: This project was a collaborative process between a team of diverse talents, all adding to the polish of the finished product. Role: Design. URL: http://160over90.com/


Chicco Fit2: for the launch or a radical new car seat, chicco came to us for a branded campaign around the product. This mircosite was the centerpiece of that campaign. My role was to work with the brand team to guide that experience. Role: Digital Creative Direction. URL: http://chiccofit2.com/


AAA Mid-Atlantic: a massive ground up redesign centered around the a rebrand and restructuring of the organization. Beyond a serious overhaul of structure and UX, the bulk of the work focused on creating a strong flexible design system for which the internal AAA team could could build and maintain the experience. Role: Digital Creative Direction + Designer. URL: http://midatlantic.aaa.com/


University of Dayton, China Institute: wanted a way to promote their truly one of a kind study abroad program. This site was created as an educational, and inspirational hub for both students and faculty. While basically a single page experience, the site boasts a huge amount of content, most notably beautiful video shot on location. Role: Digital Creative Direction. URL: https://udayton.edu/china_institute/