01. WORK


a. Case Study


This UI kit exemplifies the atomic approach to interface design. The key to good UI is a lean, flexible design system that can adapt to multiple content types & applications, while providing a seamless experience across all break points.


b. Case Study


It is often the design process that is more important than the design itself; this is especially true of interactive design. 


c. Case Study


Though most of my professional focus now falls to interactive design work, I've had a tough time shaking my roots as an illustrator. The following is a collection of some favorites; chosen to exemplify the variety of styles I've experimented in over the years.  


d. Case Study


During my three years at 160OVER90 I worked on countless digital projects for a breadth of clients. First in my capacity as a senior designer, and for the last two years leading digital creative as an associate creative director. 


02. ABout


brandon ancone

current role: digital design director | anthropologie
previous role: associate creative director | onesixtyoverninety

Brandon Ancone is a design & creative director living and working in his hometown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Despite having a background as an illustrator, his professional career has developed a strong interactive focus.

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03. Contact

Brandon is currently available for select freelance projects and creative consultation.  

mail: brandonancone@gmail.com
telephone: 610.368.7691.
location: philadelphia. PA.