1.1 Digital Product

iOS Application

One of my larger initiatives since joining Anthropologie was to design a completely new mobile application to replace a 5-year-old legacy app. Built on a white label platform shared by our sister brands Urban Outfitters and Free People.

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1.2 Feature Enhancements

E-Comm Platform

A large part of my day to day at Anthroplogie consists of continual and iterative improvements to our E-Commerce platform. From bug fixes and minor improvements, to large scale feature redesigns.

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2.0 about

Current Role: Digital Design Director | Anthropologie
Previous Role: Associate Creative Director | One Sixty Over Ninety

Brandon Ancone is a Design & Creative Director living and working in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Despite a background in fine art & illustration, his professional career has developed a strong interactive focus.

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3.0 contact

Need to get in touch? Please reach out via the form below, or directly at the following address.

Inquiries: brandonancone@gmail.com



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